11 Ways Decluttering Can Save You Real Money Today | EP 58 | The Decluttering Club Podcast

June 12, 2024

In episode 58 of the podcast, Sarah shares 11 practical ways that decluttering can actually save you money. These are real, tangible savings that you'll see in you bank account, without any fluff or exaggeration.

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  • Hey Sarah, thanks, I love your Point #11. I found $1300 a while back tucked under a bookshelf! I am not joking!! I remember I’d sold a piece of office equipment, but we’d had some burglaries in our area around that time, so I assume I hid the $.

  • I found this very helpful.
    I tend to shop at thrift stores and when I stopped doing that, I found that I would over shop for food. Now I am more mindful of over shopping when I grocery shop. Making a list and intentionally using what we have.

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