Meet our New Decluttering Coaches – Part 1 | EP 53 | The Decluttering Club Podcast

May 8, 2024

Tune in to episode 53 of The Decluttering Club Podcast to meet Barbara Baylis and Patt Svoboda, two of our new decluttering coaches.

Discover practical strategies to conquer clutter and reclaim your space, as Barbara and Patt share personal experiences and client success stories. Whether you're navigating a busy lifestyle, managing ADHD, or simply wanting more peace in your home, this podcast offers invaluable tips and motivation.

Join host Sarah Mueller and her guests on a journey towards clarity, organization, and the joy of living clutter-free.

In this episode, meet:
- Barbara Baylis ⁠
- Patt Svoboda ⁠

You can connect with the coaches on their websites or on our coach network directory -

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