Organize & Declutter ANY Area of Your Home with Organize Like a Boss 2.0

Even if you’ve got way too much stuff and you’re considering just getting a dumpster and starting over
And even if you’ve got no time to spare AND your house looks like a tornado touched down

“My mother’s home looks like a museum. Everything is perfectly organized, the spices are alphabetized, her closet looks like a clothing boutique and I’ve never seen a speck of dust.

I panic clean for days before she comes to visit.”

Some people are born “organized.”

They instinctively know how to put things away and how to keep their homes looking neat and organized. But, if you’re not one of those people, you may be wondering, “What is wrong with me? Why can’t I keep my house together?”

Nothing is wrong with you.

The answer is that you were never taught a handful of simple principles. Principles that take only minutes to explain, but that will stick in your head like that song that just won’t go away. Once you’ve watched the videos and tried them out a couple times, you’ll be able to call them up at will, just like humming your favorite song.

I call these principles OLAB (aka Organize Like a Boss).

Learning OLAB principles is like learning how to read.

Before you learn to read, printed words look like a jumble of mysterious symbols.

But once you know how to read, you never look at printed words the same way again. You literally cannot look at a word on a piece of paper and not know what it says.

It’s the same with OLAB principles.

Once you learn the OLAB principles, you’ll look at a messy pile of papers and instantly an OLAB principle will pop into your head. You’ll know exactly what to do to tame that pile and bring it back under your control where it belongs. You’ll peek behind a cupboard door and you’ll know exactly which OLAB principle you would use to tame the mess on those shelves.

You may even start silently organizing your friend’s kitchens in your head just for fun.

We took the internet by storm with the Original OLAB Challenge.

Over 70,000 people have taken part and organized and decluttered their homes, one hotspot at a time. Now we’re doing it again with 15 more tried and true organizing principles, especially designed for distractible people with messy homes.

Secret #1: 3 ways to instantly make more space in your kitchen or living room without getting rid of anything.

Sometimes decluttering isn’t even necessary! Often, people who are easily distracted or who never learned these organizing principles don't have too much stuff; they just need to know how to properly organize. It's like discovering storage that you didn't know you had!

Secret #2: Create storage out of thin air

Uncover hidden opportunities for storage and organization that have been sitting in front of your nose all this time. No need to buy any new storage solutions (or move to a bigger house!) You probably have storage space just waiting for you to notice it.

OLAB 2.0 will show you how.

Secret #3 - Never have a messy countertop or closet again (or if you do, easily put it back in order)

Using 3 principles you can learn in under 10 minutes each to immediately bring order to a messy space. Piles will no longer have the power to overwhelm you ever again when you learn these techniques.

In Organize Like a Boss 2.0, you’ll learn these simple principles 1 at a time.

You’ll hear how others just like you are using these principles and see them in action. You’ll feel incredible motivation and camaraderie working together in a group of people who weren’t born organized.

OLAB principles aren’t complicated.

In fact, they’re so simple, most “organized” people never think to mention them when talking about how they organize their homes. It’s as pointless as teaching a fish how to swim; the fish was born knowing how to swim and cannot explain it to anyone else to save his life.

But that’s exactly the problem.

If you struggle with staying organized, you need these basics.

This is the foundation of organization. But most organizing courses (and experts) jump too quickly to the advanced stuff.

Think color-coding, special folding techniques, alphabetizing, and complicated and intricate systems that require way too much attention. If you’re dealing with a great big jumbled mess, the last thing you want to do is focus on fussy details that won’t help you make any progress.

Not only will you learn these principles, but you’ll put them to work

All the ideas in the world won’t help you if you don’t know how to use them. There’s a Youtube video for absolutely every organizing struggle you can imagine. The problem is, Youtube videos won’t answer your questions. They won’t give suggestions when you get stuck. They won’t congratulate you when you eliminate a pile or clear a countertop.

That’s where the magic of the OLAB community comes in.

Our process steps you through the learning phase AND the practice phase. We make it easy (and quick!) to learn these ideas one at a time and try them out. Overwhelm is virtually eliminated when you do things the way we teach AND when you work together with the group.

Here's how OLAB 2.0 works:

  1. 1
    I recommend you pick an OLAB lesson video to watch once a week – they’re 4-10 minutes long.
  2. 2
    Then spend 10-20 minutes using the principle you just learned.
  3. 3
    Take a few photos and report back in the Facebook group when you’re done, if you desire.
  4. 4
    Check off the lesson in your printable workbook and answer a few optional journaling prompts to deepen your understanding.
  5. 5
    Remember, you can always skip a week when you’re busy because you’ve got lifetime access to all the materials.
  6. 6
    Watch our team’s Before & After posts in the Facebook group showing an OLAB 2.0 principle or routine so you can see the concepts in action!
  7. 7
    Take a look at one of our recorded OLAB 2.0 Q&A videos with Sarah answering members questions so the ideas are even easier for you to use to organize your home.
  8. 8
    At the end of about 5-7 hours of work combined, you’ll have practiced all the material at a leisurely pace. OLAB is designed to fit into the nooks and crannies of your busy life.

In Organize Like a Boss 2.0, as in all of the Decluttering Club group trainings, we use the Mastery Cycle.

First, you WATCH the lesson. You see how it’s done.

Next, you PRACTICE the principle. You try it out for yourself.

Then, you SHOW your progress. You get feedback. You see how others have done it.

Then, you MASTER the principle. You fully own it now.

Last, you HELP others. As you give feedback and encouragement to others, you deepen your own understanding.

This cycle is baked into Organize Like a Boss 2.0.

Without it, you’ll likely forget what you learned. Or you’ll lose momentum and motivation.

You’ll get Mastery Prompts inside the Facebook group to help you progress up the cycle from beginner to expert.

Put the housework on autopilot and automate the Maintenance with OLAB Routines

Have you ever thought that organized people have “secret weapons” that the rest of us are missing out on?

Well, it’s true - they do!

And one form of secret weapon is the routine. Routines are the fairy godmothers of getting things done. Routines eliminate 80% of the workload - the mental effort you need to exert to keep up with your home, keep your surfaces maintained, and do all those other things that you need to do regularly.

With routines at your disposal, life is 80% easier.

You’ll free up time, but more importantly, gain mental energy to focus on those things you’ve continually been putting off. You may discover time to finally enjoy your hobbies, decluttering those out-of-the-way spaces, or just more time to relax with a good book.

In OLAB 2.0, you’ll learn 5 brand new routines.

Over 8,000 people have done the original OLAB challenge and changed their lives and the look of their homes forever. OLAB 2.0 takes home organization to the next level. Are you in?

OLAB 2.0 has a live component and a lifetime component.

Work together with the group

Work through the course together with other OLAB 2.0 customers in our private Facebook group. You can ask questions in the group at any time as well as post your before & after pictures.

Work at your own pace without the pressure of deadlines

Since this material is so important, we want you to be able to access it at any time and to watch it over and over if you wish. That’s why we are giving you lifetime access to the entire course. You can pop on a video for a quick refresher whenever you need. Or watch all the OLAB 2.0 videos before you tackle a new space so you’ll be primed for the best inspiration.

Organize Like a Boss 2.0 is for people who thought they’d never be organized.

It’s for people who are looking for lightbulb moments as they declutter and organize. OLAB 2.0 is specifically designed for people who work best with accountability and community.

What will you learn in OLAB 2.0?

  • 5 brand new OLAB Principles
  • 5 new OLAB Routines
  • 3 ways to instantly make more space in any room without getting rid of anything
  • Create storage out of thin air
  • Never have a messy countertop or closet again
  • ...and so much more!

What’s included in OLAB 2.0?

  • Private OLAB 2.0 Facebook group
  • 2 Q&A Replays with Sarah
  • Printable workbook
  • Decluttering Club Mastery Cycle prompts
  • Lifetime access
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Just $349

Or 2 payments of $199

NOTE: You can also purchase lifetime access to the Original 5 OLAB Videos on the checkout page above for only $49 when you purchase OLAB 2.0 right now!


Have I seen this material before?

While Sarah may have mentioned some of these ideas before, these concepts are only taught in this format and to this level in OLAB 2.0.

How much time should I plan to do OLAB 2.0?

I recommend an hour a week for 6 weeks, broken into multiple shorter sessions.

If I am an Organize My Home Complete or Core member, why should I get this? How is it different?

The OLAB principles are not taught inside the membership. The purpose of the membership is to give you the support, community, and many trainings to get your house in order. The OLAB principles will let you reach your goals that much faster.

Do these videos build on each other? Do I need to follow a certain order?

No - each OLAB principle is independent of the others. They work beautifully together but you can work in any order.

Do I need to use Facebook to do OLAB 2.0?

No - Facebook is an optional component. All the material will be on our website as well as Facebook and the workshop will be held on Zoom.

Is this only for people with large houses?

Not at all. The OLAB principles are universal and work in any space. We’ve used them in hospitals, in commercial workshops, and of course in many, many different homes. The smaller your space, the more important it is that you know how to use it wisely. OLAB 2.0 will help you make the most of your space, whether you’re in a cozy studio apartment or a 5,000 square foot home.

Do I need to buy any supplies or storage bins?

Not at all; in fact, we encourage you to first use what you have.

How is OLAB 2.0 different from the Original OLAB challenge?

The original challenge was designed as a quick sprint. It’s fast and it’s packed into a 1 week period. The original OLAB is very limited in scope, designed to give you some quick wins and then be over.

OLAB 2.0 is different.

This time, we want you to take your time without pressure to finish in just a week. We want you to build up your own base of experience with these principles. You’ll be getting 20 new ideas to work with and we want you to have the luxury of time with me and my team to master them all.

You’ll be able to come back to the lessons any time you want, if for instance, you’re tackling a tricky spot and need some fresh inspiration.

I still have questions. How do I get answers?

As always, feel free to email our customer success team at and we will be happy to assist you!

I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people find peace and freedom in their lives by decluttering their homes.

I want to share that feeling with you too!

Having an organized home is easier than you think when you use my simple tips and tricks.

Sarah Mueller

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