How to declutter a room in a hurry (free printable!)

May 17, 2017

Have you ever had a room that you needed to declutter really fast?

Like a guest room that you need to clear out before company comes?

Or a shed that suddenly needs to be available for home improvement tools?

It's overwhelming to tackle a ton of stuff that's piled up.

And clutter is usually better handled in bite-sized pieces so you don't burn out. (Better still to avoid the clutter in the first place!)

But for those times that you need to make major progress in very little time, having a plan is critical to your success and your sanity.

Enter the Mad Dash Declutter.

Use this simple checklist to help you prepare and stay focused and motivated as you tackle that mountain of clutter.

It's a free download for you - no email required!

Because you know it will feel so good when you're done!

Have you ever done a mad dash declutter?

About the author 

Sarah Mueller

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A Brain-Friendly Tutorial to Clearing Your Clutter

The free tutorial is for you if:

  • Your clutter feels overwhelming
  • You have 1 or more rooms that need significant work
  • You've been trying to declutter for 6 months or longer