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We've hand selected coaches that completed our Decluttering Coach Professional Training course to offer one on one coaching just for you!  

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Linda Bee

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Decluttering, organizing and specializing in time management

  • Professional Decluttering/Time Management Coach
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Management
  • Masters in Management
  • Certification in Time Management
  • Member of IAPO International Association of Professional Time Management Coaches
  • Completed Decluttering School's Professional Decluttering Coach Training
  • Decluttering Miracle Call Leader in Organize My Home
  • Experienced in Online 1x1 Sessions
  • Experienced in Group Coaching
  • All Sessions Top-rated by Clients
  • Published Author

I have a passion for sharing what I have learned over the years about decluttering, organizing and maintaining your home. I like to share my Time Management approach when figuring out how to make it happen no matter what your schedule looks like. I love helping people find the answers best suited for them and finding a stress-free approach to use their time with intention.

Declutter with Donna: Helping Members of the Baby Boomer Generation Achieve Freedom from Clutter

When I retired after working as an educator for nearly 50 years I found myself surrounded by a lifetime of possessions. Living in the same house for 44 years meant there had been no need to sort through things for packing to move. We had been busy with working, church and community commitments, family activities and traveling to visit relatives. We occasionally had yard sales but never tackled the boxes in the basement or the shelves in the office closet. Cleaning out the garage had never been a priority. As a school librarian I understood the importance of having a designated place for every book. Our home did not reflect that sense of order and organization. Widowed in 2013, I became in charge of the decision to make changes in my home. It was up to me to do the work.

As a new member of Organize My Home I quickly joined the Decluttering Miracle Calls work sessions and watched Sarah Mueller’s videos for inspiration and motivation. I made new friends and shared struggles and successes as we worked on our own spaces. The opportunity to become part of Sarah’s team turned into a reality as I posted videos demonstrating my thought process while decluttering areas of my house. I have been expanding my knowledge and experience to prepare to help you with your home. I offer personalized service as you visualize your own spaces at this exciting time of your life. I specialize in working with widows and widowers because you face unique challenges. I welcome other Baby Boomers as well.

Perhaps you are not ready to downsize to a smaller place. You do want to enjoy your home again, to walk into a room and not see any clutter, to invite guests and service workers in without embarrassment. I would love to meet you and help create a plan of action as you begin your decluttering journey to an organized, calm, comfortable home.

Donna Gregory

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Selena Jones

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Specializing in Grief, Trauma and Seniors

I am a Mum, a Grief and Trauma Therapist, an avid crafter and a lover of books and dogs.

My passion is hearing people's stories and meeting them where they're at and helping them build a new skill set to reach their goals in their decluttering journey.

As we work together I will show up for you with humour, warmth and compassion and I will believe in you until you start believing in yourself. I'm really looking forward to sharing space together. 

Specializing in creating 10 minute decluttering plans and goals.

I am a professional declutter coach and home organizer from Ontario, Canada.

My home used to be packed with stuff and a constant battle to clean or find anything. I was ashamed to have people over. In 2002, I started practicing decluttering for 15 minutes a day. In 18 months, I organized my home from top to bottom and transformed a hot mess into a harmonious home for my family.

In 2015, I founded Home Free Home Organizing and since then I have helped hundreds of women organize their homes. In 2020, I joined the OLAB challenge and was instantly hooked on the methods. My passion for organizing and wanting to help other women reclaim their homes, inspired me to enrol in Sarah Mueller’s professional declutter coaching program. What I love most about my job is helping women go from overwhelm and shame to a place of joy and control.

Joanne Reeder

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Danie Smallwood

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I help people drowning in chronic clutter learn to declutter their home.

Yes, even when the obstacles seem impossible. Yes, even when you've tried before and the clutter has returned. And absolutely yes, even if you, like me, struggle with challenges like ADHD, fibromyalgia and chronic pain, depression, or anxiety.

You are WORTHY of a home that makes you feel safe, inspired, peaceful....
And you are CAPABLE of uncluttering to create that space.

Sometimes you just need someone who has been there and gets it (I really have, and I really do), and can listen and brainstorm without judgement ('cause who has time for THAT!).

And I will help you learn to spot your own successes, no matter how small (you have more than you realize), and be there cheering like crazy with you the whole way.

When I'm not decluttering, I get to be Mom to three amazing kids - the cutest little toddler with Down Syndrome, and his amazing teenaged big brother and sister; and wife to my college sweetheart. I live in yoga pants and hoodies and I love to read and write (especially romance, fantasy, and anything to do with habits or decluttering!). Newest hobby: attempting to apply my own habit teachings to learn American Sign Language (ASL).

Helping YOU create space in your life, your home, and your heart

I am a single mom living with my children affectionately referred to as the beans in Ontario Canada. We share our space with the sweetest bearded dragon, two adorable kittens and a baby rabbit. In my spare time you will find me in my happy places, our backyard, baking in the kitchen or listening to the waves at the beach.

Using everything I have learned throughout my own decluttering journey I will hold space for you. I will help you go from overwhelmed to encouraged, help you to stay motivated and share how I have been able to let go of the shame I had surrounding our stuff and truly love our space.

I would like to help you reclaim your space so that it brings you a sense of joy and calm through proven tips and gratitude.

Julie Wobbe
(Julie CW)

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