Don’t be a String on a Kite

June 6, 2023

Do you get caught up in what your kitchen looks like TODAY?

If it’s clean, you feel AMAZING.

The angels are singing and you want to take a picture and show it to your decluttering buddies!

But if it’s messy then OMG.

You want to beat yourself up and tell yourself how much this decluttering thing ISN’T working.

Never mind that you were running around all weekend or you had 10 kids over on Friday night and now there’s a little clean up to do.

Never mind that your partner was unwell and needed extra care.

You’re still beating yourself up.

If you ride the giant waves of ups and downs, you’re living in a short-term world.

You let yourself fly high when life is good…
… but the minute something doesn’t work, you are in the depths of despair.

Don’t make this mistake.

(Ask me how I know – I am someone who tends to dramatize the short term more than I want).

Take the long term view.

Are you further ahead this month than you were last month?

How about this year vs. last year? How about 5 years ago?

If the answer is yes, than keep going.

If the answer is no, than make adjustments.

When you’re focused on long-term, you enjoy the everyday wins but they don’t consume you.

And then neither will the everyday losses consume you.

You just keep doing your job.

Enjoy the present moment OF COURSE!

But don’t let your present circumstances jerk you around like a kite on a string.

You’re not the kite. You’re the one holding the string.

You’ll never be sorry for taking the long-term view.

You’re welcome.

– Sarah

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