Decluttering KPIs | EP 47 | The Decluttering Club Podcast

March 27, 2024

How do you know you’re making progress on decluttering?

You may think you’ll see perfectly organized rooms or closets. You may mention lots of donations. But those are what we call “lag” indicators. They happen AFTER mostly decluttering. And if you focus on the lag, you’ll never do the actions you need to do to get there. It’s like wondering why you haven’t gotten in shape because you flex your muscles in front of the mirror every day. Looking at yourself in the mirror doesn’t grow your muscles and looking for organized and decluttered rooms doesn’t clear the clutter.

So what does?

In episode 47 of the podcast, Sarah's listing some of the actions (we call them KPIs) that WILL create decluttering progress. Track these KPIs and you'll start to see your progress.

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