Family of 6 sells everything to sail across the ocean! | EP 48 | The Decluttering Club Podcast

April 3, 2024

Have you ever dreamed about selling everything and traveling the world? That's exactly what today's guest, Brooke Elder did. And not only did she do this, but she did it with her husband and 4 kids!

Brooke has an amazing story of letting go, going on adventures, trusting in God and learning how to live in the moment.

You can connect with Brooke in her Facebook group, Self-Reliant Sisters

About Brooke
Brooke Elder is a master at helping business owners strategically piece together plans that support both their life and their business. No more guessing your next move.

Over the years this girl has created it all - marketing agencies, courses, mentored thousands. But her passion stays helping entrepreneurs build a business that serves THEM, not the other way around!

After growing multiple 6 & 7 figure companies herself, last year Brooke lived out her ultimate dream - sailing the Caribbean with her family for 12 amazing months.

Now she’s building her next adventure back on land in Idaho, but stays empowering entrepreneurs to have it all - money, time freedom and fulfilled lives!

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