Five Ways to Make Decluttering Easier (plus a bonus tip!)

May 24, 2021

Are you wondering if this decluttering journey will ever get easier? Maybe right now you're not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel since there’s SO MUCH STUFF?!

How do you even attempt to gain momentum and make decluttering easier as you (sometimes literally) dig yourself out of the mess?

make decluttering easier with these 5 simple, helpful tips

Here are FIVE WAYS to make decluttering easier:

#1: Start with the easy stuff.

Things like visible trash, junk mail, take-out containers, pizza boxes, "oldy moldy" food, clothing tags, department store hangers...

These can be dealt with pretty quickly because we don't tend to have an attachment to these items.

One of our OMH Complete member's countertop was rescued... Take a look!

Linda's counter before decluttering.

Linda's decluttered counter.

You can also start with rooms like the bathroom where there are generally fewer items that would have any sentimental or attachment issues. It makes it really easy to gain decluttering speed.

If you make the choice to take the time and remove these items from your home first, each decision after that becomes easier to consider. Once momentum builds, you can quickly decide on other items throughout your home.

>> This checklist can help! 60 Quick Things to Declutter Today

#2: Get accountability from a friend.

Tasks can be less burdensome if you reach out to a trusted friend and let them know what you're planning.

You certainly don't have to let them into your home in order to hold you accountable... Even just a weekly phone call check-in on projects you're committing to will help you accomplish your goals.

A quick text with a "current progress" photo is a fun way to keep your buddy up to date on your projects! You may inspire them to work on their home as well.

Tip: If you're getting help from a friend in your home, you may want to have them read this article on helping someone else declutter for tips.

#3: Join our community.

With over 1000 members in our Organize My Home Complete membership (OMH) community working on their own homes, you will quickly learn that you are not alone! (Learn more about our membership!)

The positive affirmations you get while sharing your own journey in OMH are so helpful and encouraging.

There are also mini-challenges that help keep you engaged and working while you encourage others in the group on their own journey.

#4: Celebrate your wins.

One piece of paper out of the house is a big deal for someone who has trouble letting things go. One empty cardboard box just may be the confidence booster you need to continue.

A small section of countertop or living room corner being cleared out creates this rush of progression that makes it easier to keep moving to other parts of your house.

One of the things I do is take pictures along the way. Decluttering before & after pictures are vital in reassuring myself that I am actually making a dent even though sometimes it doesn't while I'm in the midst of a project.

Take a look at these before and after photos from another of our community members:

A cluttered craft room before.

A cluttered craft room after decluttering. Made easier with the help of community and friends.

#5: Visualize your space without the stuff.

Take the time to look around your living room...your couch, your coffee table, your recliner... and, then picture it without the clutter.

How would you use the space?

Would friends and family be able to sit in a chair and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with you as a result of creating a clean, welcoming space?

Once you picture the space how you hope to use it… Get to work in making that manifest itself into a reality for your life.

Make decluttering easier by visualizing how you would use the decluttered space - then make it happen.

Bonus Tip:  Hire a Decluttering Coach

Getting an outside perspective and guidance from a professional can do wonders for making decluttering easier. There are actually a lot of things a decluttering coach can do for you that you can't do on your own.

Before you get overwhelmed with the thought of someone entering your home, do know that most of the coaching can be done virtually over Zoom. It's really that easy.

Check out our list of Network Coaches to find your preferred coach now!


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