91 things to do on a Decluttering Miracle Call

November 3, 2020

Do you have several decluttering / cleaning / organizing projects going on in your home at once?

How about those bins or totes that are "time capsules" or "clutter coffins" of "I'll get to that later..."?

Are you alone in your decluttering journey, or have you found yourself stalled at a stopping point of frustration?

Wouldn't it be great to join a group of friends and motivate one another with whatever project or clean up you have going on?

Members in our coaching program, Organize My Home meet together on Zoom many times a week and cheer each other on during their projects they are tackling around the house.

Our Decluttering Miracle Calls are set for one hour. One of our Decluttering School coaches leads the call, and we chat and work together for the hour.

We call these "Miracle Calls" because sometimes it's a miracle just to get the laundry folded and put away. But also, we think it's a miracle what you can accomplish once you get started.

What should you work on during these group calls?

Here is a comprehensive (yet not exhaustive) list of ideas for projects to tackle on the calls.

Entry way / living room

  • Wrangle shoes and organize them in a more visually pleasing way
  • Mop or vacuum the floor and replace the welcome mat
  • Fold up blankets and re-home stray items to other parts of the house
  • Go through the mail on the end table and pitch / file as appropriate
  • Straighten pillows on the couch and vacuum cushions
  • Pull the couch out from the wall >yikes!< and gather up forgotten toys and/or food wrappers
  • Dust furniture
  • Sweep the staircase and dust the banisters

Dining room

  • Re-home items left on the "horizontal filing system" (aka the table!) then wipe it down and put a table cloth on
  • Sweep under the table
  • Declutter and organize the china hutch or buffet
  • Set the table to have it ready for meals so you don't become as tempted to have things "land" on there
  • Clean the top of the hutch
  • Wipe down chairs and table legs


  • Kitchen Zero - This is an AMAZING training in our membership group that shows you how to get your kitchen from an absolute mess (a 10 on the messy chart!) to a very manageable reset (a Zero, if you will...)
  • Fridge clean out - old food / forgotten leftovers / wipe down shelves and drawers
  • Clear off the front / sides of your fridge
  • Sweep and/or mop the floors
  • Spray and wipe down counters and sinks
  • Load / unload the dishwasher / clean out the dishwasher filter
  • Steam and clean the microwave (cereal bowl of water, on high for 5 minutes, wipe out the microwave, easy peasy!)
  • Wipe out small appliances like the coffee pot or air fryer
  • Wipe down the stove top and oven


  • Spray and wipe down toilet, sink, vanity and tub
  • Sweep and/or mop the floor
  • Declutter and organize the linen closet / under the sink / vanity drawers (or just one shelf or drawer per one Miracle Call)
  • Take down the shower curtain and throw in the laundry with the bath towels and wash cloths
  • Declutter and sort make-up and beauty products
  • Containerize cotton balls / Q-tips / sponges


  • Change bedding and make the bed
  • Declutter and organize items on the nightstand
  • Gather clothes to be washed and start a washer load
  • Fold a basket of laundry and put the clothes away
  • Declutter and organize a dresser drawer
  • Clean out a "clutter coffin" (aka box or bin of random items saved for later)
  • Disassemble a small table that has long been unused besides to catch clutter
  • Remove and donate old medical equipment from a previous illness / surgery recovery
  • Declutter clothes that no longer fit (for yourself or your kids' clothes)

Office / Craft Room

  • Clear off the desk / craft table
  • Unload baskets and/or bins of items not being used currently
  • Declutter and organize a single shelf or drawer
  • Clear a proper walking path through the room then sweep the floor
  • Categorize items and put "like with like"
  • Clear off and put away extra chairs in the room that attract clutter
  • Gather a pile of papers and shred them
  • Make phone calls
  • Write a letter or card

Playroom / Family Room

  • Declutter and sort toys (get the kiddos involved!) into proper bins
  • Trash broken items / games that are missing several pieces
  • Gather up toys for donations / selling
  • Clear a walking path in the room and then sweep the floor
  • Remove couch cushions and sweep inside the couch
  • Dust furniture
  • Remove excess chairs or benches not being used that attract clutter
  • Label bins / boxes for easier retrieval
  • Organize books, movies and CD's

Laundry Room / Utility Room

  • Wipe off old soap from the top of the washer and dust the top of the machines
  • Pick up clothes left on the floor and start a load of washing
  • Sort clothes for mending (if you aren't going to get to it, throw them away or ask someone to help)
  • Match socks
  • Replace furnace filter
  • Empty lint trap / clean out dryer vent
  • Vacuum the floor
  • Re-home random items that end up in there
  • Declutter and organize cleaning supplies / washing soaps
  • Throw away "zombie boxes" (on the shelves with nothing in them)
  • Put away clothes left for hanging dry
  • Wipe down cabinet shelves

Storage Area

  • Sort and organize bins and totes according to subject
  • Replace cardboard boxes with plastic for a more long term solution
  • Declutter a tote or box then put only useful items to keep back in there
  • Search for "clutter coffins" of randomly placed items in the storage area
  • Make a proper walkway for easier retrieval
  • Sweep the areas of the floor you can see
  • Re-home items that were placed in the area temporarily

Garage / Car

  • Declutter and organize a single cabinet or shelf
  • Clean out and detail your car
  • Sort mail left in the passenger's seat
  • Throw away old food wrappers and snack packages
  • Gather up yard tools and sort "like with like"
  • Reel up the hose
  • Sort and organize tools
  • Re-home items that were placed in the garage or car temporarily
  • Drive donations to a drop-off center (you can stay logged into zoom via mobile)
  • Take your car through the car wash


  • Pull weeds / prune hedges
  • Pick veggies out of the garden
  • Rake leaves
  • Sweep / shovel / salt the porch and/or sidewalk
  • Get the mail
  • Bring the trashcan back up from the end of the driveway

The lists above are examples of ACTUAL TASKS members have done in the Decluttering Miracle Calls as part of Organize My Home.

Want to learn how to join our Miracle Calls and how to get organized and decluttered so you can enjoy your home again?

You can get all the details here and sign up: https://thedeclutteringclub.com/organize-my-home/

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