12 ways to say no to unwanted clutter

July 22, 2021

It's always fine to just say no if someone wants to unload their crap clutter onto you.

But sometimes you want to be tactful.

How to say no to unwanted items and declutter your home

Say, for instance, if your mother-in-law raises her eyebrows when you don't want her heirloom China cabinet, you'll be ready.

I asked some of the people in our community what they'd say to graciously decline unwanted castoffs.

Here are their suggestions.

12 ways to say no to unwanted clutter

Just say no! lol. I try to be polite I say I have no need for that or no room. Or its something I can donate to some charity I just say "thanks" and donate 🙂
-Nena Scheidecker

"Thank you, that is amazing, but we are working on downsizing in our home."
-Melissa Gustincic

"I appreciate your thoughtfulness, but I am going to pass."
-Aliena Armee

I think of someone else who might need it... quick!!
-Chris Franklin

"I really appreciate you thinking of us, but we are working on decluttering and don't have a use for that right now."
-Lorie Mazza

I'd say, "oh thank you it's so kind of you to want to gift me with such a wonderful item but I've no room as I'm getting rid of things myself."

Then I'd suggest donating to the Salvation Army or a local abused shelter, etc., to donate to. It also depends what it is on my response ????
-Katt Anderson

"Thank you but our house is bursting at the seams right now, how about the British Heart Foundation? They are always looking for high-end donations (a bit of flattery always softens the no)."
-Donna Grant

"So nice of you to think of me. Is it OK if we find someone else to bless with these items?
-Michelle Vassallo

Last week someone asked if I mind if people give me things. I said not as long as they don't mind if I don't keep them.

I also suggest the local pregnancy resource center or let people know that that is where I will take it if it is not something we can use. (I have 4 little kids, so most of the hand-me-downs are things for them!)
-Beth Anne Beckenhauer

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How do you say no to unwanted clutter?

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